Top CRM and Marketing Automation Tools Globally in 2022

Top CRM and Marketing Automation Tools Globally in 2022

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management which comprises strategies and tactics, coupled with technologies that assist the execution of the said strategies and tactics that marketers use in order to handle the relationship with their consumers throughout the customer's lifecycle.

CRM focuses on generating prospects into loyal customers which is a multi-step process requiring multi-functional team members. Best of all there are some technologies that can make the task more organized and easy- one of those technologies is Customer Relationship Software and Marketing Automation. When CRM and Marketing tools are coupled, the job becomes easier.

When two software unites, the job becomes easier. When the two software work together, the job becomes streamlined and this can convert the prospective leads into potential customers more easily and quickly. Most businesses today combine the Integrations of CRM and marketing to add their customers. Nowadays 52% of platforms integrate CRM and Marketing to enhance their marketing tactics and strategies.

What is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation aids marketers to promote and making more efficient content without manual application. This includes automating the distribution of content and reporting analytics derived from how prospects interact with that automated content. It pulls data when prospects visit your website, open an email, fill up a form, or read a blog, and makes the data accessible to make the business build its further strategy.

The ultimate goal is to make efficient the process of taking the lead, nurturing the lead, and making them a sales-qualified lead. It is all about lead-making and personalization. Examples of such Marketing software include Hubspot, MailChimp and Marketo, etc.

What is CRM software?

Customer Relationship software is software for sales and service teams that channel the lead qualification process. It tracks customer data, like dates and notes of phonic conversations, past purchase records, and email interactions as they proceed through the buyer’s purchase journey.

Hubspot is one of such CRM marketing automation tools because the Hubspot Marketing Hub includes foundational CRM functionalities so that you have both software in one. Now that we have discussed software and how it will assist your team in generating sales by converting prospects into leads and finally into buyers.

Why CRM and Marketing Automation both are needed together?

When CRM and Marketing automation work together, they offer a flawless journey for your customers as they go from visitor to customers. The integration of these two software will provide sales representatives with an exact and fine picture of the prospective customer’s interaction with your company. The sales representatives will also know the exact marketing history of the prospects. Now let's see how the content insights benefit the marketers. These insights prompt customers to download a lead enticement and allow customers to fill out a form. Once that happens the marketing team starts promoting the lead through an email campaign.

These actions grow readers into a promotion fit lead. After some time of engagement with content, the lead requests a demonstration of the product, which they spin into a sales-qualified lead. After this happens the sales representative responsible for the demo allows marketing automation and CRM software to collect information on their exchanges with the company.

The sales team then scrutinizes what prospects have downloaded, what they have searched in their internet history, who they are, and what is their profession so that they can strategize the demo call. So now they are prepared to answer the right questions and personalize the sales to better connect with the probable lead and ensure the lead into a sale.

Now we can say that we have channelized and funneled the purchase using CRM and marketing automation to finally entice the customer and make a purchase.

Benefits of Integrating Your CRM with Marketing Automation

CRM and marketing automation software has the ability to Offer Better visibility to marketing and sales teams. This allows the teams to identify where they are in the process and what could be their next step in the future.

Shorten the Sales Process

Without using Marketing automation in conjunction with CRM, it would take a longer time to create leads. Both software makes the process of taking the prospect through the funnel.

Provide Constant Messages

Marketing and sales affect professional customer experience that can be united while engaged with customer communication. It is a challenge for providing exact information and pushing messages when contextual information is available in cross-functional tools.

CRM and Marketing tools unify Data Management.

Marketing Automation and CRM in USA

With software already working together, the salesperson does not have to check their customer’s profile instead the information is readily available to salespersons to do selling based on the unified data management.

Enhance Pipeline Management

Both the teams that process observing and tracking step by step progress of the lead can better make their efforts work together to enhance Pipelining management.

Minimize Human Error

If you have an outdated system in place of lead tracking, it would be a manual process that comes with human error and prospect that slips through the same cracks. The CRM and Marketing tools should be connected to the proper tools to close a deal.

Best Marketing cum CRM automation tools.


It engages Adobe which is a leading marketing automation tool offering various automation features to grow your business, It is one of the powerful marketing automation tools with features such as email marketing, lead nurturing and scoring, and data analytics. Further Marketo also offers advanced features like mobile engagement web retargeting and content personalization. This marketing automation system is ideal for enterprise customers but all-size businesses can reap the benefits of Marketo. The pricing of this software depends on the size of the business enterprise.


Salesmate is CRM cum marketing software that assists teams and aids them to generate more revenue by automating the entire business process. Salesmate robust marketing feature enables you to create many processes without any hassle and therefore it is considered as best marketing automation software for small businesses. It offers features such as push emails, trigger-based automation, contact management, built-in calling, power dialer, messenger, sales automation, and sales reports. Its price starts at $12 per month.

PardotMarketing automation tool

It is a robust B2B salesforce marketing automation tool. It enables the marketing and sales team to collaborate, engage buyers, close deals, and build lasting relationships. It is equipped with features that assist lead management and generation, email marketing, sales alignment, Artificial intelligence, and insightful ROI reporting to close business and shorten sales cycles. Pardot improves marketing efficiency and is preferred by large-scale enterprises. Its growth plan starts at $1250 per month to the Premium plan at $15000 per month.

ActiveCampaignMarketing automation software

Marketing Automation and CRM in USA

The ideal marketing automation tool offers simplified and advanced automation processes with automated follow-ups, powered integrations, and contact segregation. Best marketing automation software systems provide flexible marketing automating functionality. Therefore, you can set up different marketing automation flows, and personalize them to 500 plus pre-built integrations email libraries, and contact management. ActiveCampaign is an effective marketing software, though it requires time and effort in learning the process starting with Lite Plan at $9 Per month to Enterprise at $229 per month.

HubSpot marketing automation tool

When comes to marketing automation HubSpot is the leading software in the market. It creates powerful automated workflows with a simple visual interface. HubSpot automates repetitive tasks and assists your business growth with email campaigns, personalized workflows, lead scoring analytics, and much more. Its automation provides an inclusive plan which works for every business to upscale revenue and dependency on manual tasks. Its plan starts at $45 per month and ends at the enterprise plan at $3200 per month.


Best CRM Marketing Automation Software