Plumbing Jobs in USA: salaries, requirements and related companies

Plumbing J​obs in USA

If you want to launch your career with a great future then you can go for plumber. Plumbing is a growing field that has a lot of opportunities. The salaries offered and benefits given are very healthy here and for new generations it is really a promising career to opt. It is time for infusion of new blood in this field and new methods are adopted here. Plumbers are just like computers nowadays and this is what is needed in new trades today.

Job Description and Job Application in Plumbing.

The stereotype of plumber is a middle aged person with needle like plunge who works on toilets; kitchen taps sinks and water heaters. Repairing household plumbing issues is still part of the job, but the role of a plumber is vast. I have talked with different plumbers while writing this post and believe me they had never touched a plunger in their entire life, since plumber these days use computers and their roles range from basic maintenance in buildings or large business owners.

The job titles in Plumber business include helper, apprentice, journeyman, and master plumber. For people who want to move out of the field, there lie sales and marketing opportunities. Some organizations like universities have plumbing departments that are in charge of large facilities.

There are different projects where plumbers can work. As mentioned earlier repairs, residential apartment fittings that have new constructions and remodeling can serve the work opportunities for plumbing job. Large work opportunities include commercial construction residential housing societies and civil projects and there are plumbers who even work at nuclear workstations.

Job Requirements and Duties of a Plumber

Plumbers must have general as well as specific traits. The important characteristics are work ethics. It is understood that plumber job is physical job and it require moving equipments while working. Another such characteristic that several plumbers mention in this job is being on time for duty. Veteran plumbers express frustration with talented employees but do not come on time for work. An employee who is late comer can put the entire team behind the proposed time schedule of the project.

The plumbing job is learned mostly by working on the projects. The experienced plumbers teach the juniors and the knowledge flows to downhill. To become a talented plumber you have to teach, learn, and adapt to changes quickly. The plumbing profession must include basic math since this job require calculations and measurements.

A plumber must be able to read blueprints and should execute the plans meant for buildings. The plumbers should also familiar with the basic tools which they should be using on the job. Apart from above mentioned requisites a valid driving license and clean driving record must also be essential so that you can commute to different sites.

Salaries Offered to Plumbers

The salaries of a plumber have a vast range as well as better career job opportunities. The median compensation for a full time plumber in US fetches $56K. The hourly rates of some of the different certification levels are-

Apprentice-$17-$20/ hour


Master Plumber-$45-$60/hour

Starting a career with large companies will provide a set of benefits including health insurance and post career retirement plans. When you work as master plumber, you can explore different number of options and you can even start your own business. Being a plumber is great work opportunity to work with. The salary and benefits are good along with some intangible benefits that plumbers enjoy. Plumbers enjoy the family atmosphere of his company. Many plumbing businesses are family owned with long tenure employees. As a plumber, you get to teach and learn as well as be creative.

Plumbing Work Companies in the USA

Garrett’s plumbing

Garrett’s Plumbing is one of the best plumbing companies which offer commercial as well as residential housing services to people in USA. It is the company which provide valuable services to its customers.  It is plumbing company which provide value for the money by installing customized and quality products as per customers needs, which include

Heater and Boiler Installation and repairs

Bathroom and kitchen piping repairs and Installation

Water piping leaks and clogs troubleshooting

The above services are assists wide range of clients that include business house that call Garrett’s plumbing for fixing their plumbing works.

TD Industries

This company was founded in 1946 and since then it is serving various clients by providing plumbing operations and maintenance solutions. Their plumbing services are Medical oxygen supply repair and installation. TDI Industries expertise in repairing booster pumps or pipe burst, Hydro jets, backflow, and Domestic steam boilers. If you need them, their team of specialists and technicians will provide you high functioning system.

NY Plumbing

It is largest maintenance plumbing Solutions Company in New York, which operate 24*7 with licensed team members. The team provides repairs and installation services in high rise buildings in New York. The company specializes in Backflow Preventers, Violation Removal, Water Meters, Water Lines, Waste Lines, Gas Piping, Valves etc. With such offerings, this is one of the biggest corporate companies in New York.

Brothers Plumbing

This company was established in 1980, which provides specialized plumbing services to its customers. The technicians are highly trained to put a smile on the client’s face. This company opens on each day of the week and they have a reputed image among its customers. The services offered by this company include Backflow Prevention, Expansion Tank, Frozen water Pipes, Ice maker and Refrigerator Lines, Out of House Faucet repairs, Recirculation pumps and Remodeling services.

Albert Nahman

Though it is not so big company involved in Plumbing solutions but it services the wide range of services in their portfolio which have to do a great job in the field. These provide exceptional repair and installation services with satisfactory levels. These provide an upfront pricing with dedicated services and provide services in Emergency plumbing, Bathroom remodeling, Hydro Jets, Commercial plumbing, Leak Detection, Repiping service, Sewer Drainage, Slab leak repair etc. The Albert Nahman has achieved one of the greatest success and reputation in maintenance over the years.

San Antonio Plumbing

This is the most professional plumbing company that offers quality services. This company offers plumbing service of high quality and satisfaction therefore, you can trust their services. The company provides services with efficiency, affordability, and speed. The remarkable services include-  Leak Detection and repair, Water Heaters, Bathroom and Kitchen plumbing, Sewer and drain cleaning, and commercial plumbing. Apart from this San Antonio Plumbing, services also provide one year of guaranteed repair services free of cost.

Dallas Plumbing

Dallas Plumbing offer superior Customer plumbing services which is their mission statement, since years the company has been offering maintenance and installation plumbing services. The dedication towards clients is what they claim their service for, and that what keeps them at first place. The expertise of this plumbing company provide services that last long making them most reliable plumbing companies in USA. The company deals in commercial plumbing, Residential plumbing, Free Installation estimates, Emergency Plumbing services etc.


Plumbing Companies In USA