How Online Payment Gateways are making the Payments easier

Online Payment Gateways in the USA

The Online Payment Gateway services make payments easy and more convenient than ever when compared with manual invoices. The technology used today has totally changed the process through which we do business. We can place orders online, exchange communication with clients and colleagues through email or video conferencing, and therefore bring new customers with social media marketing and websites. Technology invariably has changed a lot of processes and making payments is no exception to it. Today we can make and take wish lists online, communicate with clients and colleagues through SMS, emails, or video conferencing, and can attract new customers through social media or marketing websites. The most significant way that technology has changed the small business world is the ability to accept payments online. Let’s see it- As we know that manual invoicing/billing is slow. The process of manually creating an invoice, sending it by snail mail, and waiting for the customers to receive it or send the payments can take weeks to receive end-user. Assuming this let's not waste time and adopt an Online Payment gateway where instead of wasting time, energy, and office supplies in writing bills.

What is a Billing Payment?

As a small business owner, you might be familiar with invoices or bills which you probably send to your customers for products or services which you provide to them. While running invoices from vendors, suppliers, and other businesses when you purchase supplies, inventory, equipment, or other products or services that help you assist business activities. A billing payment is a payment made against some of the bills. For instance, if you receive goods worth $100 dollars then you receive a bill of $100 dollars against which you have to make a payment.

How bill payments are received

There are different types of invoice payment receipts. A business can accept cash, a check, or a money order. But these days business is accepting payments using technology to simplify payments. Some businesses offer the option of payments through virtual terminals using phones. Others use bills to pay invoices with a debit card, credit card, ACH payment, or even mobile payment service like Apple Pay. But we are focused on describing our article about online payment Gateways.Many people are concerned about spending their money by automating the billing process. The cost is less than manual invoicing.

Let’s discuss the benefits of making automated bill payments.

Saves Time:

Manual bills or invoices may take days or more to get delivered to the buyer. Even when an invoice is received, additional payments further delay the payment. With online invoices/bills, you can create your invoice, send it to your customer, and get paid the same day.

Saves Money:

Today there are many free and paid invoicing options available in the market that charge small fees for payment processing, still, you save money on envelopes, paper, printer ink, postage, and other costs that take in manual invoicing.

Get Paid Faster:

Online payment Gateways process bills faster, and offer multiple payment options to make it easier to get paid faster.

Less Paperwork:

In addition to printing or sending invoices to customers via mail, many businesses print and store the copies, with online invoicing, there is no paperwork required since everything is available online.

Invoice Tracking:

The invoice or bills can be tracked through web-hosted apps which ensure the exact customers who receive invoices open them and make payments.

Easy Corrections:

If there is any mistake or error in the invoice then it can be corrected easily and resend it your customer.


If you have customers who are billed on regular basis, online invoicing allows you to set recurring invoices. You can take advantage of other automation like sending payment reminders.

Looks Professional:

Many invoice programs provide customized features where a logo and additional branding for a professional look.


Bills can send from home, on mobile, or on tablet through online invoicing.


With manual invoicing, sending invoices can make a payment late. Online billing assists eliminate costly errors.

Billing and Payment processing:

Some invoicing programs which have built payment processing allow you to send invoices and accept payments from your customers. FattMerchant is one such example.

Payment Service:

some software that a business offer includes online invoice payments. If you use Quickbooks or FreshBooks then online billing payments are given a try.

Payment Gateway and Merchant solutions: Merchant solutions use your own payment gateway and merchant account to process online payments. A payment gateway allows customers to make online payments. A payment processor checks the information and initiates payment. Think of the merchandise account as the middleman receiving the customer’s payment and transferring it to a business bank account.

Best Online Payment Gateways Used by Businesses in the USA.

Square Invoices

This is a billing solution which you can use free Point of Sale and easy card reading to make payments. It is a well-known payment processor. If you sign up with Dashboard, you sign up at no cost and take benefit of the great features that Square Invoices offer. You can customize your invoices and send them free. Square Invoices processes payments but it comes with a cost. It has a well-defined User Interface and is easy to use and handle.


There is no option of using Square Invoices. Sending invoices is free; the payments can be accepted by cash or checks which are free. However, accepting payments is chargeable.


It was launched in 2003; FreshBooks has become an accounting and invoicing solution for around 10 million businesses. For additional fees, you can add FreshBooks Payments—an online payment gateway and end terminal that allows acceptance of payments online, in person, and over the phone. FreshBooks account automates features like recurring invoices; it even does not require a separate merchant services account. Setting up an account is easy and there is no monthly fee to use for paying FreshBooks Payments. There are no such hidden costs so the pricing is transparent and easy to understand. Freshbooks is award-winning customer service and therefore has a reputation among clients.


You don’t have to pay monthly fees or hidden charges with FreshBooks Payments, but for credit transactions, a certain amount of fee has to be paid.


PayPal is an online payment processing system that changes its prices through online payment processing; it affects new and existing merchants. The new rates feature of charges is complicated and not easy to summarize. PayPal is a trusted name among consumers and merchants which is the main benefit that the company takes advantage of that sets it apart from its other competitors. The third-party payment processor allows a variety of features and benefits.

PayPal offers solid customer services and technical support and is viewed by most users. But high transaction fees and chargeback are some complaints about using PayPal. Therefore, it is an option for low-volume or micro-merchants that require easy-to-use payment solutions.


Stripe is a payment service provider that combines third-party payment processing with a payment gateway. Stripe works with businesses such as Lyft, Pinterest, and Under Armour as its clients, and it is easy to look at the underlying reasons for it. It is suitable for online businesses, those running on SaaS businesses that receive recurring payments. With Stripe you can accept more than 135 currencies, Businesses accept payments via online mode, in-person, or via mobile apps by using this service. It has set of tools that have much quick Integration. Chat and phone supports are available 24*7.


Stripe has two plans starter and Scale. The starter has free for the first $1 million transactions after which it charges a flat rate of .4% per transaction. The scale plan costs 0.7% per transaction.